Why This Works

Film, TV and social media can promote major change – especially when they work in concert with nonprofits and campaigns. Here we hope to help you better understand some of the evidence behind using pop culture stories to make change.

Stories Transport & Activate Us

Here’s a challenge:

Try to think about a social or environmental issue without images from movies or TV shows flooding your brain.

Hard to do, right?

This is because there’s no “outside” to culture. Culture is the lens through which we experience and make sense of the world. We are social animals and so everything that we say, do or think is impacted by culture. Culture is what gets down deep and permeates our core. In fact, it’s not really accurate to say we are impacted by culture. It’s more accurate to say that we ARE culture.

If we are made out of culture, then culture is largely made out of stories. We often figure out and process the world through stories, or, as psychologists call them, behavioral scripts.

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