Will & Grace (TV Series)

Release Date: To be Announced  |  TV/Digital Series  |  NBC

A decade later, Will & Grace returns to an altered political landscape regarding LGBTQ rights in America.

Photo credit: WIll McCormack

“More than 10 years after Will & Grace ended, the show will make it’s return to NBC for 12 additional episodes. ‘Given the political climate and all the shakeups that are happening and the move towards going backwards in terms of civil rights and the environment, it just feels like the right time for ‘Will & Grace’ to be on air,” star Debra Messing recently said. ‘We’re gonna come back, and we’re gonna do what ‘Will & Grace’ always did,” she continued.’Which is to try to make you laugh out loud and be provocative, to push the envelope, to talk about what’s happening in the world, to make fun of things that are happening in politics and in pop culture.'” – AOL Entertainment

When to watch: September 28 at 9pm on NBC

Take action: Remember when Joe Biden famously said we may not have had marriage equality without TV characters first depicting the humanity of such relationships on screens throughout America? Consider writing an op-ed or blog post to use Will & Grace’s return as a jumping off point for highlighting the areas in which we’ve progressed, and in which we’ve moved backwards. You  also could highlight the show’s blind spots such as racial/ethnic diversity, full representation of gender identities, etc. Heads up: If the standalone scene the show dropped in advance of the 2016 US election is any indication, the reboot will take a more overtly political approach than the original version.

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