The Sandcastle Empire (In Development)

Release Date: To be Announced  |  Feature Film  |  Paramount

The story follows a young girl and takes place in 2049, when the Earth has reached breaking point from coastal flooding, overpopulation and other effects of climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

“The novel was written by Kayla Olson and is set in 2049 when the Earth is at a breaking point due to climate change, coastal flooding and overpopulation. A radical faction known as the Wolfpack overthrows the government and takes control.┬áThe story centers on a young woman named Eden who escapes a Wolfpack labor camp, joining three others fleeing to an island. During her journey, she will find clues as to what happened to her missing father and find out that she is the key to bringing down the Wolfpack.” — Variety

Environmental groups should monitor this project as it moves forward for potential use in climate change campaigns.