The Force

Release Date: 2017  |  Documentary Feature  |  Open Hood

The documentary presents a look inside the long-troubled Oakland Police Department as it struggles to confront federal demands for reform, a popular uprising following events in Ferguson, MO, and an explosive scandal.

Photo Credit: Open Hood

“The strength, and fascination, of ‘The Force’ is that the movie isn’t on anyone’s side. It’s cognizant of the brutality and violence that police officers, in our era, have been caught on phone cameras committing. At the same time, it’s not out to demonize the police — it’s out to capture the pressures they’re under, and to show us what their job looks like from the inside. Watching the movie, you learn a lot about police work, but few of the moral tussles on display are resolved, and that may be the film’s weakness as well as its strength. This is the rare fly-on-the-wall (or fly-in-the-squad-car) documentary that, at times, comes close to making you wish it were a little less ‘objective.'” — Variety

When to watch: “The Force” is part of PBS’s “Independent Lens” series and will air on TV later this year. It’s also expected to be released theatrically.

Take action: Organizations that work on the aggressive policing of African American communities can use the story and emotional connection provided by the the film to create space for understanding, and discuss possible solutions.

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