Pitch (Season 1)

Release Date: September 22, 2016  |  TV/Digital Series  |  Fox

A television drama about the first woman to play in Major League Baseball.

Photo Credit: Fox

“Major League Baseball has enthusiastically signed on to the project, providing what its executives describe as unprecedented access to a running TV show. …There are plenty of hurdles that “Pitch” has to jump. Once the novelty of its attention-grabbing gimmick wears off, how will it keep an audience? For a show that its creators have described as inspirational and feel-good, how will it handle some unsavory parts of the game and a culture that can be insular and sexist? (Not to mention, how will M.L.B. feel about the show’s confronting those issues?) And how will it cater to the hard-core baseball fan expecting authenticity while still appealing to women, whom Fox is depending on for much of its viewership?” — New York Times

Groups working on gender equality – especially those focusing on Title IX and equitable funding for women’s sports programs – should keep an eye on this series for opportunities to emphasize the importance of supporting female athletes. Follow live-tweets from the show using #Pitch and @PitchonFOX