Peter and the Farm

Release Date: November 4, 2016  |  Documentary Feature  |  Magnolia Pictures

In this documentary, a long-time farmer's inner demons are revealed.

Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures

“Whatever your conception of a farmer may be, Peter Dunning, the 68-year-old subject of Peter And The Farm, may deviate from it significantly. Dunning certainly looks the part, sporting a bushy gray beard and wearing comfortable sweater-and-jeans combos as he trudges around his 187 acres in Vermont, tending to his sheep and cattle. As soon as he starts talking to the camera, however, it becomes clear why director Tony Stone decided to fashion a documentary character study around this unusual man. Indeed, the longer the movie goes on, the more disturbing it becomes, to the point where viewers may start to fear that they’re witnessing the buildup to something truly awful.” — The A.V. Club

As Peter and the Farm builds, it becomes clear that there is no narrative – only a character study of the irascible farmer at the center of this documentary, both humorous and deeply depressed in turn. More details about his past are revealed as the tone of the film pitches toward despair, all told through the care and labor of the farm. Nonprofits working on agriculture, farming and mental health can follow Peter and the Farm online at #PeterandtheFarm.