Kivalina (Festival Release)

Release Date: February 19, 2016  |  Documentary Feature  |  Savor Terra Films

A look at the intersection of vulnerability and climate change, this films looks at the impact of environmental threats on indigenous peoples.

Kivalina movie poster
Photo Credit: Savor Terra Films

“An environmentalist call to arms and examination of a threatened culture, the new documentary Kivalina screened yesterday for buyers and today for the public during the Berlin Film Festival. Kivalina tracks the small Inupiat community living in the eponymous Alaskan town located on a small island north of the Arctic Circle. Threatened by rising seas levels due to climate change, it’s estimated the island will be completely submerged by 2025, and at present the village’s inhabitants lack the resources to relocate. The film tracks several of them as they fight to hold on to their way of life, while placing that struggle in context with the growing scramble for previously inaccessible Arctic resources as the world’s ice caps shrink.” — Deadline

Groups working on climate change will find this a valuable contribution to ongoing communications about the real-life impacts of climate change that are happening right now.