Geostorm (Theatrical Release)

Release Date: October 16, 2017  |  Feature Film  |  Warner Bros

A Hollywood thriller about the catastrophic affects of climate change.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

“If Hollywood wanted to terrify moviegoers about what a global warming-induced apocalypse would look like, it may have succeeded with Geostorm. The latest end-of-the-world disaster film, which is set to open in theaters on October 20, is produced by Warner Brothers. Its director, Dean Devlin, was also the writer and producer of Independence Day and Godzilla, two other blockbuster movies whose plotlines followed similar motifs. It stars Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who plays a scientist that needs to fix sophisticated satellites that control the earth’s weather.” – The Daily Mail

Take action: Seeing the effects of catastrophic climate change in a blockbuster film can help organizations show the importance of policy solutions needed to slow climate change. Organizations can promote the film by hosting a screening, or hosting a tweet storm with the filmmakers to target legislators who are dismantling environmental policy, among other methods.

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