Doubt (Season 1)

Release Date: February 2016  |  TV/Digital Series  |  CBS

A legal drama featuring Laverne Cox, the first transgender actress to have a main role playing an openly transgender woman on a major network show.

Two women sitting at a desk, Laverne Cox stares judgmentally at Heigl to her right
Photo Credit: CBS

“On Wednesday, February 15th at 10/9c, the all new courtroom drama, Doubt, makes its series debut on CBS. Doubt features an all-star cast of talented actors who portray a variety of diversified personas that are just as colorful inside the courtroom as they are out. Take Daytime Emmy Award Winner Laverne Cox’s portrayal of Cameron Wirth for example. Wirth is a transgender lawyer who fights injustice on a daily basis with her hallmark mix of passion and dedication to protecting the innocent. Her own confidence is her greatest ally as one of Manhattan’s top attorneys and a key player at “Isaiah Roth And Associates.” — CBS Miami

Take Action: In her new role, Laverne Cox will be the first transgender actress to land a main role playing an openly trans woman on a major network TV show. While Doubt promises to be of relevance for LGBTQ organizations, criminal justice groups may also find opportunities to pivot to their work.

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