Chasing Coral (Digital Release)

Release Date: July 14, 2017  |  TV/Digital Movie  |  Exposure Labs

Divers, photographers and scientists document the rate in which Earth's coral reefs are disappearing.

Photo Credit: Exposure Labs

“The film provides a quick primer on rising sea temperatures — a climate change lecture that’s become so rote for environmental films, they could share animation sequences. However, Orlowski and co-writers Davis Coombe and Vickie Curtis realize that we’ve reached a point where the beauty and biodiversity of underseas worlds is not enough to effect change.

So Orlowski, along with former ad man Richard Vevers and a team of engineers and marine biologists, shift their focus to capturing images that make the issues more tangible. Their goal: travel to a coral reef on the verge of permanent damage and capture underwater time-lapse footage that will capture the degradation in real time. Amidst the appreciation for the natural world and the tiny battles for public attention, the process of developing a camera that can capture and transmit these time-lapse images gives ‘Chasing Coral’ the added layer of a time-crunch caper.” — IndieWire

When to watch: July 14, on Netflix. The film originally premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Take Action: The Chasing Coral team will launch an impact campaign later this year. It will be tied to the hashtag #MakeWaves. In the mean time, environmental/climate organizations can share the film with their communities by hosting a screening. Reach out to distributors, here. Additionally, if your organization has ideas about how to collaborate or amplify the film, email:

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