Arrow (Season 5, Episode 13)

Release Date: February 15, 2017  |  TV/Digital Series - Episode  |  The CW

A look into the past of a character on Team Arrow reveals his strong feelings about gun rights, which is in conflict with other members of the team.

Photo Credit: The CW

“The hour delves into the backstory of Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), one of the only members of Team Arrow who actively uses a gun when he goes into the field. “He is a character whose whole superheroics revolve around guns,” Guggenheim notes. Thus, Rene is a proponent of the Second Amendment, which won’t necessarily go over well with the rest of Team Arrow.

The issue of gun safety became a hot topic during the election, with Guggenheim writing half the script in the week before Donald Trump was elected president and the other half after. “As you watch the episode — I write chronologically and linearly — and I think you can see that, in the second half, it’s about guns and gun violence, but it’s also about the state of discourse in our country,” Guggenheim says.” — EW

When to watch: Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c PM on The CW and streams here.

Take Action: For groups working to reduce gun violence, episodes like this one allow people to talk about the complexity of the issue through the characters and story arc. The problem is spotlighted while at the same time the story makes space to talk through the issue creating empathy for people on both sides of the issue.

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