AndACTION is here to help cause-related groups harness the power of popular culture and put it to good use. We have years of experience in strategic communications, and we want to support public interest communicators’ efforts as they incorporate entertainment and pop culture into their work. We do this for free (we’re grant-supported). We are here to give organizations inspiration, best practices and how-tos. We want you to experiment and share with us what you learn so we can share with others.

We help organizations develop the appetite for pop culture and the capacity to fold it into their work in meaningful ways. We devise personalized how-to guides that allow communications staffs to monitor what’s happening, react to it and even anticipate upcoming opportunities. We can help you use an imperfect storyline in a positive way. We share hard-won insight about avoiding the landmines in this area and maximizing even the smallest opportunity.

Photo from our AndACTION happy hour

We also give advice about how to use social media, op-eds, blog posts, presentations, memes and more to take advantage of pop culture moments. We offer guidance on hosting screenings or viewing parties. We share specific best practices and encourage the field broadly.  We also cultivate relationships in Hollywood and with content creators across the media landscape so that we’re aware of upcoming opportunities. We study the trades and the trends. We look at both the big picture and the details.

For some groups, we pair up and provide technical assistance, including creating experiments, running them and then celebrating or lamenting the results, but we are always learning. We were founded on the belief that pop culture can and should be a meaningful part of public interest communications, and we’re eager to share what we know. Interested? Get in touch!

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