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What is AndACTION?

AndACTION promotes issue-oriented film and TV storylines by getting them in the hands of groups want to see and promote them. The project is free to use and completely grant-supported.

The stories you tell have the power to inspire audiences, spark conversations and engage people in changing our culture. Your films and TV shows make us laugh and cry. They help us empathize with perspectives that are not our own. When we see characters struggling onscreen, we struggle along with them. Storytellers can put a face on an enormous or complex problem and make it easier for people to have difficult conversations. Stories are a special point of entry into the real social and environmental issues affecting our world. Nonprofit organizations and activists focused on these issues want to connect with people and inspire them the way storytellers do.

That’s where AndACTION comes in. We identify opportunities for nonprofits to harness the emotional power of your stories and share them through social media posts, blog entries, screenings and other activities. In the process, your stories are promoted to new audiences in a novel way. Nonprofits plug your films and TV shows to their networks in exchange for your allowing them to showcase the power of your stories. You give them the emotion and empathy, they give you the audience. As a result, more people watch and discuss your content and important social and environmental issues. Imagine if the storyline in your next film or episode sparked a movement because the right nonprofit leaders were ready to make the most of it.

AndACTION is a free, grant-supported project of Spitfire Strategies.

How do we get involved?

If you are working on a project that might be a good fit for a social outreach campaign, please email or call us. We’re super friendly. You can also give us a heads up on an upcoming storyline by filling out our form.

We work with anyone involved in story creation – development executives, writers, directors and marketing leads, just to name a few.

How is this different from my publicity department’s work?

Sometimes, it’s not. In fact, we work extensively with publicity, PR and corporate social responsibility departments. What we offer is a huge network of nonprofits – including many groups with a large social media following – that we are able to reach almost instantly. We do the legwork on finding the right group and making the connection for you, and we help facilitate as needed. We know how stretched and busy you are, and we want to help however we can!

We also believe that no storyline is too small. Nearly every TV episode or movie is related to a social issue. Networks and studios have limited bandwidth and can sometimes only make nonprofit connections for a few high-visibility films or episodes. There are so many wonderful stories, but they just can’t support them all. We help fill this gap. Because this is our mission, we can serve as a clearinghouse to connect every TV episode or film to the right nonprofit. And we can do this with almost any issue and storyline, even if it’s a small element of the overall story.


Tweet from Rock the VoteWe worked with HBO to promote its narrative film All the Way (starring Bryan Cranston) on the ACLU’s and Rock the Vote’s social media. We worked with IFC Films to promote The Stanford Prison Experiment (starring Billy Crudup) among a coalition of prison reform groups. We held Twitter chats with organizations and creatives during airings of WGN’s Underground and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. These online connections are simple starting points to connect content to new audiences and create buzz, and we can build larger campaigns, too.

We can connect storylines on virtually any issue. You don’t have to be House of Cards or Selma. Just think about how many film and TV stories address aging, substance abuse, health, poverty, gun violence, the environment, immigration, LGBTQI issues, gender, race, reproductive health, civic action, education, nutrition, mental health, global conflict, civil rights, animal welfare and voting. If you think a storyline might dovetail with an issue, it probably does.


Visit our example gallery to see how nonprofits have leveraged storylines in the past.

What else do you need?

Not much. Assistance with clearing artwork, clips or stills for memes is appreciated since these can make for more effective campaigns.

We need no credit. To the outside world, it will appear that these campaigns happened organically. The really successful ones will be a combination of the right setup by the nonprofit, your great storytelling, and an enthusiastic public!

If you’ve been part of a great cause-based campaign in the past and would like us to feature it in our example gallery, just let us know!