UltraViolet & Confirmation

April 16, 2016

HBO let AndACTION know they created a "Confirmation" companion video about the impact of sexual harassment reporting in the workplace as a result of law professor Anita Hill's testimony. To reach audiences which care deeply about combating harassment and changing policies on the books, AndACTION worked with UltraViolet to write a Facebook post and tweets linking to the video and educating their audience about the importance of sexual harassment awareness, as well as a reminder to watch the film.

Anita Hill raises her right hand to be sworn in before testifying before the Senate


Confirmation” is a political thriller produced by HBO depicting Anita Hill’s testimony about allegations of sexual harassment by her former employer Clarence Thomas at his Supreme Court nomination hearing. Starring Kerry Washington as Anita Hill and Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas, “Confirmation” underscores how Anita Hill was vilified for speaking out and reminds viewers that sexual harassment — and the potential consequences for women who report it — is as pervasive as ever, despite the way Hill’s 1991 testimony changed American perceptions of workplace equality and gender politics.

Strategic Aim:

  • Spotlight a problem: Sexual harassment is still an issue faced by women every day.

What We Did:


Social media campaign.


UltraViolet is a powerful and rapidly growing community of people from all walks of life mobilized to fight sexism and expand women’s rights, from politics and government to media and pop culture. They work on a range of issues including healthcare, economic security, violence, reproductive rights, racial justice and immigration by putting the voices of all women, especially women of color and LGBTQ women, front and center.

When AndACTION received HBO’s gave AndACTION a three-minute “Confirmation” teaser video about the historical facts on sexual harassment and what has changed as a result of Anita Hill’s testimony, we knew it was a perfect opportunity for an organization like UltraViolet to take advantage of the film’s subject matter to promote the work they do in fighting for gender equality in America.



UltraViolet’s Facebook post about the Confirmation companion video performed well, with more than 200 likes and dozens of comments. AndACTION followed up with a tweet linking to the post. The Monday after the film debuted on HBO, UltraViolet published another post about Anita Hill on Facebook, this time sharing an article from The Boston Globe, which also received more than 200 likes.


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