Webinar! Using Pop Culture for Change for Immigration Stories

March 15, 2017

Watch our latest webinar to learn how to use TV and movies about immigration, migration, refugees and citizenship in your strategic communications plans.

AndACTION wants you to know, using pop culture in your strategic communications plans is effective, it reaches beyond the bubble, it isn’t time consuming, and doesn’t cost you a dime. Your organizations can integrate pop culture and TV and movies starting right after watching this webinar!

  • Watch and learn how shows like American Crime spotlight problems like exploitation of the undocumented and how your organization can pivot from the story to your work by writing an op-ed style blog every Monday after the show airs on Sunday nights. It will pivot off the show and will include facts and figures about the work you’re doing to reduce these problems.
  • Watch and learn why using social media to be a part of live events like the Academy Awards puts you in the conversations people are already having about Muslims – and you can reinforce the positive representations from the show.
  • Watch and learn how to challenge stereotypes by live-tweeting a show like One Day at a Timepraising the positive portrayals and calling out the negative.

Email us at info@andaction.org to learn more!