Kristen Grimm is the founder and president of Spitfire Strategies, a public interest communication firm that helps nonprofits and foundations reach their social change goals. She is also a Henry Crown fellow at the Aspen Institute and leads AndACTION as part of her fellowship. A Buffy the Vampire the Slayer devotee, Kristen likes TV shows and films that showcase strong female characters who are the exact opposite of damsels in distress. We have banned her from bringing sharpened stakes to meetings.

Erin Hart, Spitfire’s managing director, serves as senior advisor to AndACTION.  Erin has worked with nonprofits, foundations and government agencies to create social-change campaigns – including work that brought pop culture into movements to reduce youth tobacco use across the US. Erin grew up with a serious appreciation for Mel Brooks movies and a belief in humor as the best way to spark discussion about challenging social issues. Shows like Family Guy and Modern Family continue to prove her right.