Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should nonprofits be thinking about pop culture?

Ideas, attitudes and images presented in film and on TV influence the public’s perspective of real-world social issues. When nonprofits use pop culture as a communications tool, they can connect with viewers, participate in trending conversations and inform how people think about their cause.

2. Who benefits from AndACTION’s work?

Nonprofits who want to integrate pop culture into their strategic communication efforts.

3. How can my team put AndACTION to work for us?

AndACTION helps organizations identify where the topics they care about appear in popular media and works with them to find ways to incorporate those communications opportunities into their work.

Start by reaching out to us at We’d love to learn about you and follow up by hosting strategy labs for your team to brainstorm how we can help.

4. I’m planning a major communications campaign for my organization. How can I use AndACTION to amplify my efforts?

When we work together, our staff will:

  • Collaborate with your communications team to learn the objective and audience of your campaign.
  • Provide counsel about if pop culture offers opportunities you should take advantage of.
  • Share expertise of how to include TV shows and/or films that highlight your issue in your communications.

Measure if using pop culture helps you achieve communication outcomes you want.

This could include: developing shareable graphics, drafting sample social media posts, writing blog posts, helping to plan a screening in conjunction with the campaign, connecting with a production studio to secure additional resources and more.

For a recent example of how we’ve done this, check out our case study with Asian Americans Advancing Justice

5. Does it cost money to use AndACTION?

Nope. Our goal is help do-gooders use pop culture to spark change. We’re a grant-supported service and partner with nonprofits for free.

6. Who pays for this?

Our generous funders. Learn more about them here.

7. Why does this work?

Try to think about a social issue without images from TV or movies flooding your brain … it’s hard to do.

This is because entertainment and pop culture are so often the lenses through which we see the world.  With Americans spending more than 10 hours a day on their screens, pop culture has more ways than ever of seeping in to our consciousness and more opportunity than ever to change hearts and minds.

To learn more, visit our Why This Works page.

8. Are there examples of how this works?

Yes! Check out our case studies that explain how we’ve helped nonprofits use pop culture. We’ve also curated examples of other organizations that have done this work well.

9. How did this come about?

As a Henry Crown fellow for the Aspen Institute, AndACTION Founder Kristen Grimm was challenged to think beyond her current role (CEO of Spitfire Strategies) and develop a project that not only sparked change in an innovative way but also stretched her leadership skills. That’s where AndACTION came to be. Originally launched as an online hub providing nonprofits with information about upcoming issue-oriented storylines, AndACTION evolved to focus on technical assistance

Learn more about AndACTION’s inception here.

10. Who does the work?

AndACTION’s staff members are dedicated to bringing together pop culture and social impact. Learn more about us here.

11. What are things AndACTION has done in the past?

AndACTION has hosted webinars, trainings, strategy labs and happy hours to get nonprofit partners interested and excited about learning how pop culture can contribute to their work. We’ve also created tip sheets to help you get started ((LINK TO TOOLBOX)) so your organization can try out our strategies on its own.
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