UltraViolet & Confirmation

April 16, 2016

We helped HBO & UltraViolet team up to promote women's rights and the release of Confirmation.

Anita Hill raises her right hand to be sworn in before testifying before the Senate

In the summer and fall of 1991, the country witnessed the transformation of the Supreme Court with the retirement of Justice Thurgood Marshall, and the appointment of Clarence Thomas. What is a normally a tightly orchestrated bureaucratic process of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and a vote by the full Senate to confirm or reject a nominee, turned into a full-blown drama when Thomas’s former employee Anita Hill was impelled to testify against him that he had sexually harassed her.


It sounds like a movie, but it all really happened and it captivated the nation. In April 2016, HBO released its much anticipated feature length drama based on the nomination hearings called “Confirmation” starring Kerry Washington as Anita Hill and Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas.


We knew this was an opportunity for an organization like UltraViolet to take advantage of the film’s subject matter to promote the work they do in fighting for gender equality in America. HBO let us know they had created a companion video about the impact of sexual harassment reporting in the workplace as a result of Hill’s testimony. We worked with UltraViolet to write a Facebook post and tweets linking to the video and remind their audience about the importance of sexual harassment awareness, as well as a reminder to watch the movie.


Their Facebook post from April 13 performed well with over 200 likes and dozens of comments. We followed up with a tweet to the post on April 15th. The Monday after the movie aired, UltraViolet published another post about Anita Hill on Facebook, this time an article from The Boston Globe, which also received over 200 likes.